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How to create your own telegram channel

How to create your own telegram channel

Creating your own telegram channel

Creating your own telegram channel increase your chances of creating good marketing awareness of your products and services to a large audience on the platform. When it comes to marketing, Telegram is a popular platform due to a useful feature, the channel, which makes up for a great tool to promote a business, company, product, service or anything else worth advertising.

If configured and managed accordingly, a channel can become a great source of information, a good tool for research or a reliable app to keep you updated on the latest promotions and discounts. Reaching subscribers has never been easier since the app sends instant messages, with your posts, to subscribers’ devices.

When you go to create your own channel there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • First, your community will be international–depending on your brand’s needs that might mean having a bilingual staff, keeping shifts to be available 24/7, or at the very least posting a pinned post with your available hours in GMT.
  • Second, because your community will be able to interact not only publicly but also with each other, you’ll want to be very careful and protective of your users. BEBO is the acronym you’ll want to remember for this: Ban Early, Ban Often. I’d recommend having an informal appeal process via email but retaining the right to ban anyone for inappropriate behavior.
  • Last, because your community will be tightly knit, it is important to remain friendly and transparent at all times. In these one-to-many conversations, it doesn’t pay to be touting company marketing. Do your best to be real. If you have several staff members, encourage them to have separate accounts with first names to identify who they are. Never let several days pass without some word from you or your staff.

While these are just the basics of getting started, I hope that I’ve been able to pick your interest. Telegram is a fascinating new tool for savvy brands to connect and engage their user base. Do you think its viable for your company?

Good to Know

Within a Telegram account, you are able to create up to 8 channels. To ensure each channel with a progressive growth, you shall choose an easy-to-remember, catchy name and a concise description of the channel.

How to create your own telegram channel
How to create your own telegram channel


Creating a channel is a fairly easy process resuming at tapping the “New channel” and “Create new channel” buttons, followed by inserting the channel’s name, description, choosing the public or private feature and adding the contacts. Reaching the above- mentioned buttons depends on the on the operating system one is using.


In Android devices, you may reach the buttons, and create the channel, by going into the Telegram app and tapping the Pencil icon.


For the IOS devices, open the app, press the “Chats” tab, followed by the “New Message”. On a Windows or Mac computer, you must open the Telegram software and click the “Burger” icon.

Note: The Telegram channels allow users to instantly share any type of content with a wide number of subscribers. Despite of allowing you to create up to 8 channels, from a single account, each channel can only be managed by its administrator.

Furthermore, the administrator can allow only one co-administrator to manage the same channel. The distributed content is, in fact, the administrator’s post, shared under the channel’s name.

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