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Ways Social Media Can Boost Your PR Strategy

4 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your PR Strategy

The 4 ways social media can boost your PR Strategy is a really important topic to treat and you really need to read this. Social Media is now a key part of a public relations strategy. Traditional PR activities saw more of a focus on TV, radio and print in terms of securing media exposure. Now individuals have become their own “editors”, with a large following and their own brand.

Whether they have become social media influencers via their blogs, photography or videos, social media is now a platform where securing a mention or a sponsored post can now be seen as more worthwhile than a mainstream news publication.

However, it’s not just the publicity side that social media can help with. It can also be a wealth of knowledge and a great tool kit to running a PR campaign. When it comes to looking at return on investment for PR activities, social must now be in the mix.

1. Write An Enticing Headline

Clickbait is rife throughout social media, and as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. In order for people to click on your social media post, the headline must be engaging. Include a shock factor or use a word or phrase that is trending or relevant to your audience to instantly attract the attention of your followers.

However, there is a fine line; companies must deliver upon their promises. A weight loss company, for example, that boasts “Here’s How To Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Minutes” will lose its credibility. It is overpromising, and a post or ad with this headline just doesn’t seem believable. The goal is to make people stop scrolling and click on your post to read more. Clicking does not require much thinking; you must catch their subconscious, but don’t give them a reason not to trust you.

2. Gather key contacts

An up-to-date media database is crucial to a PR campaign. It’s your little black book of media contacts that give you the chance to get in front of a media publication and secure media coverage. Traditionally, PR professionals or businesses would purchase a media database. This can cost thousands. Today, we have access to a media database through social media.

Social platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter can give you the current position, email and sometimes even phone number of the journalist you wish to contact. This way you can see whether the contact is still the right person to be sending your pitch to.

Spend sometime gathering key contacts via these social mediums. For a few hours of research you could save yourself thousands of dollars and can be sure that your data is the most up to date.

3. Get a website that works

Create an easy and accessible website, and optimize it so it looks just as good on tablets and mobile devices as it does on your trusty old desktop computer. After an individual clicks on your post’s link, they will want to easily navigate your site no matter where they are — in their home or office or on the go. A poorly designed or complicated website will frustrate even the most patient of people.

Ensure that your site also offers opportunities for potential new customers to provide their details. When was the last time you actually signed up for that email newsletter? Probably never. Your prospective clients aren’t likely to sign up either, so provide lead magnets. These are valuable pieces of information that are engaging and resonate with your readers, enticing them to enter their contact details so they can download the information you’re offering.

4. Be Relevant

The more relevant you are to your audience, the more your followers will stick with you and continue clicking. Providing relevant, useful content encourages readers to continue coming back to your site. Don’t worry about posting on social media daily if you don’t have anything to say —less is often more. Make sure that every post has a purpose and is important to the core of your company’s mission and vision. Stay relevant, accessible and authentic.

These five strategies can put you on the road to making a difference not only in your social media strategy, but also in generating more leads and sales. Ultimately, you’ll offer curated content that stands out. Leveraging a PR campaign with your social media can bolster your leads and sales and give you the boost you’re after.

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