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The ultimate guide to promote your business on telegram

The ultimate guide to promote your business on telegram

Promote your business on telegram

Telegram is a popular messaging platform progressively gaining the attention of marketers, during the past years. And it’s an awesome marketing tool – learning how to use Telegram for Content Promotion can be a vital step to improve your content promotion strategy.

The Telegram channels come in handy as a tool for content distribution to large audiences since they help individuals or brands stay in direct contact with their followers.

At its core, Telegram is a messaging app. It features both direct and group messaging and has a strong commitment to privacy. In part because of this commitment, Telegram has been widely adopted by international users, cryptocurrency fanatics, and also, most notoriously, by criminals.

So at first glance, it might not appear that Telegram should have a great marketing use case. Why would a reputable and established brand wish to use an app often touted by petty crooks?

And the answer is that Telegram allows anyone to build a vibrant and dynamic community. Telegram creates real-time interaction between a brand and their users, or between fans. Telegram channels can even host up to 200,000 members so it will scale as your brand grows.

Unlike the content within facebook posts that get likes, in the case of Telegram content distribution, the accent falls on quality rather than quantity.

Functioning as a cloud-based messenger, Telegram stores all types of shared content, without interfering with the device’s performance due to occupying little space. This is an attractive feature, captivating the marketers’ attention, as the channels are able to massively distribute content.

How to use Telegram

To begin on Telegram, either download the service onto the platform of your choice (PC, Android, ios) or use the web app. Telegram is available on PC or Mac computers and on iOS or Android devices. Once you’ve downloaded the software, you’ll need to sign in with your phone number. When on your phone, you can also choose to connect your contacts to look for friends.

Once you’re set up with an account, join a public group to better explore and understand how other people and brands are using Telegram.

How to Use Channels to Promote Your Content

In the last few years, messenger apps gained more users than social networks. Telegram is the newest messenger app enjoying a rapid popularity, on a worldwide scale, having an emergent monthly growth regarding its number of users.  Its popularity gave the marketers a new tool for content distribution.

Promote Content on Your Channels

The content is shared through the app’s channels. In other words, a Telegram channel is some sort of a Facebook business or fan page, on which entities or individuals share content with their followers. Unlike Facebook, the Telegram channels provide the instant messaging feature, at a zero cost regardless of the amount of shared content or the number of subscribers.

Besides instantly spreading the content among an unlimited number of members, the app allows to easily monitors the number of viewers. Each Telegram channel comes with its own public or private link so anyone can join your channel, via this link, and stay updated upon your shares.

Promote Content on Other Channels

In the case of public channels, the users can freely become part of the channel, unlike the private channels, in which the administrator has the power to select the audience, by accepting or declining users’ requests. Therefore, the private channel prevents the leakage of any confidential or sensitive data.

With the changing News Feed algorithm of Facebook, decreasing the organic reach of posts, the instant messaging gains competitive advantage. Yet, this feature implies that the content is created in a more direct approach to the followers, rather than the common newsletter style.

On the other hand, the Telegram channels come with a Mute Option for the followers, so sharing meaningful content, to your audience, becomes vital. The app allows you to share any type of content, from text and images to audio or video posts. Since most of the consumers use Telegram on a mobile device, your content shall fall within 500 characters.

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